五月 03, 2018

My friends over at Vanguard were kind enough to send me the new Alta Access 33X messenger bag to try out. Typically I like to use a backpack style bag for my gear but one of the features of this messenger is that you can configure it to work as both. It's a good looking bag and very functional. It's perfectly suited for an event photographer and works very well for a nature and landscape photographer too thanks to it's versatility and strap options! Let's check it out....


The first thing you'll notice is how much room this bag has and it's very well padded so you can load it up and don't have to worry about your gear getting banged up. All of the inserts and dividers are removable and you can customize the bag as needed. You can actually empty it out and use it as just a standard bag when you're not out shooting.


The Alta Access has a TON of pockets and pouches. It's setup to keep everything organized and you can get to what you need quickly without fumbling around looking through the bag. It also has a few extra pouches; one of which can connect to the outside of the bag to give you easy access to frequently used items. I like to keep my speed light or Nisi filters in it.


I really like the size of the Alta Access 33X. It can hold A LOT of gear but it's not so big that it's a pain to carry and travel with. Check out my typical gear when I head out to shoot landscapes. To be fair there are still pockets I could utilize for more items if needed and it has a pocket for a 13" laptop or a tablet. I usually don't carry either with me when I head out to shoot but it's nice to have the option when traveling.



Alta Access 33X carrying options...

Alta Access 33X Backpack configuration

Alta Access 33X Messenger configuration

Alta Access 33X with Vanguard VEO 2 Tripod attached

There is an easy access zipper on the top flap so you can get to your camera without sitting the bag down.


Final Thoughts...

Overall I really like the Alta Access 33X messenger.  Compared to my Alta Rise 30 messenger it has a wider base which I really love. At times the Rise will tip over when loaded up as it has a much narrower profile. That's not an issue with the Access series at all! It's very comfortable in both the messenger and backpack configurations. It's very easy to quickly switch from one to the other. The size is good for heading out for a full day of shooting and a great option for traveling as well. It has a vinyl bottom that will keep it dry and easy to clean up after sitting it down. I love the side pouch and top zipper that allow easy access to my camera and most used items. I hate having to stop and sit my bag down every time I want to get something out or switch lenses. It's also nice to be able to attach my tripod to a messenger style bag. I know other messenger bags have already done this but this is the first one that I personally have gotten my hands on. Going forward this will most likely be my new go to bag when I head out to shoot! If you have any questions or comments let me know

Thanks for reading...

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