六月 13, 2014

The Wild Ones

Now is your opportunity to join the Wild Ones family and invest in yourself, as an artist and as an individual. We operate on the belief that every person has the opportunity to change the world and to reach their full potential in whatever it is they aspire to do.  Our vision is to come alongside other artists of all ages and backgrounds to help encourage and nurture the realization of their own imagination and confidence.  Our tour will be comprised of 2 day workshops, the first day focused on conceptualization and creation of images, and the second day concentrated on cultivating a business, identity, and finalizing exceptional images.  The experience will remain light-hearted and reflect the youthful spirit you may have experienced in summer camp back in the day.  A summarized itinerary can be seen below the following city links.

View the WILD ONES Tour dates for July.

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