Meet our new Pro - Photography Author Rebecca Warbis

Meet our new Pro - Photography Author Rebecca Warbis

二月 05, 2016

How you did you first discover your love of photography?

My Dad has always been my biggest inspiration in Photography and Cooking. I started in my Year off from University trying to work out what on earth I wanted to do with my life. I picked up one of Dad’s cameras and loved how I could use light to really transform the mundane into beautiful creations. I read incessantly about it and shot most days.



Where did you learn your photography technique?

I learnt mostly whilst on my Commercial Photography Degree and through my own reading! I had fantastic lecturers that encouraged my obsession with reading and discovery!



What camera equipment do you use?

I'm a Canon Lady! 5D Mk III and I've done Medium and Large Format on Digital. Always shoot tethered if I can.

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Why is food such a big part of your photography?

I went to work in London for my degree and just fell in love with the Art of Food Photography. I loved cooking again through growing up with such a fantastic cook as a dad, and it seemed like a really natural progression for my work.  For my book, I wrote, Styled, Cooked, Photographed and Art directed the whole lot, so I love getting fully involved.



Where did you learn to cook?

My dad is the most wonderful cook. I've always picked up so much from him and hopefully we’re going to do a Father- Daughter cookbook in the summer.



Where do you get the recipes for your inspiration?

They’re mainly the basics that I've picked up over the years. I love trying things out and experimenting in the Kitchen and behind the camera. It doesn't always work but is great fun trying!

Your style is very unique and relies on props and surroundings. How do you go about choosing props and location?

Before going on a Prop hunt I had a kind of look I'm going for. I’ll have some kind of preconception on colours and style and then I’ll rummage in charity shops and Vintage stores until I've got a good collection of props.  My prop collection is enormous! Sometimes I’ll get props in even if I don’t have the shot in mind yet. They’re always handy to have around.



What tip would you give a budding food photographer?

Shoot, shoot and shoot again! Also be really critical about your work when looking to improve. What isn't working and why is always a good place to start!

At this moment in time what is your best photograph and why?

Probably something in Date Night Cookbook. There are many in there I'm really proud of. I'm also really pleased with an Advertising shot I did recently for an Italian Restaurant chain on my Homepage. Whenever I take an incredible shot I just know. I get so very excited and cant wait to put it on my website (If it’s allowed on there at the time).



What is your next project?

Well my First book (Date Night Cookbook) releases globally on the 14th of January and hopefully I’ll have my second book out later this year. And Dad and I want to do our first book together!



Last one inspired by your book. What is the strangest date you have ever had?

I've had some really odd dates over the years! You name it; I've almost certainly been there. But you've got to kiss a few frogs I guess!


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