Nine awesome, new-ish products worth trying

Nine awesome, new-ish products worth trying

九月 30, 2016

For the last 30 years, we’ve been talking with photographers around the world. They’ve candidly shared wish lists of products that would enable them to improve their work. So, as both a product designer and manufacturer, Vanguard is always on the lookout for unique products that we believe photographers will appreciate. From the practical to simply fun, here are nine cool products we look forward to trying now that the fall photography hustle has officially begun.

picture11.     Pulse remote camera shutter release

You may have heard the buzz about this one, tied to its Kickstarter fame. It’s shipping soon and we can’t wait to try it. It’s a modern version of the classic tool we love; it works well for stills, video and timelapse. Pulse sits in the hotshoe mount of your Nikon or Canon DSLR, connects via micro USB (interestingly, not the traditional trigger port) and is controlled wirelessly via a smartphone app.  Since it operates up to 100 feet away, you’re free to move around and get more done. The only downside we can see now is that it doesn’t yet work with Sony cameras but we expect this will change in coming years.

  • Full, manual control of ISO/aperture/shutter
  • Thumbnail preview of images in seconds
  • Basic and advanced time-lapse features
  • Take 'Holy Grail' timelapses with exposure and interval ramping
  • Start and stop video (yes, video!)
  • Self timer
  • HDR bracketing
  • Control up to three cameras at once
  • Free up WiFi and Internet, as it uses Bluetooth and BLE
  • 24 hours of battery (USB rechargeable)

$89 (pre-order price – MSRP: $99)

Available at


picture22.   RadLab image editing plugin

For branding and business development, we all know how important it is to regularly share your work on social media. Save time and maintain your consistent style on Instagram and other social platforms with this Photoshop plugin packed with more than 80 effects and a super-fast processing engine. It’s been around for a while but TotallyRad! recently dramatically expanded its options. We like this one because it’s not just your average cookie-cutter tool. You can create and save your own custom filter “recipes.” This is a great, fast option to stay on track with your social sharing and to ensure the photos maintain your signature style, without the hassle of endless actions.


Available at




3.   Vanguard VEO tripod

We’re admittedly biased on this one. We designed it and manufactured it but it’s proven its coolness the world over. Since its release, photographers have sent us thousands of extraordinary images they say would have been impossible to capture without use of their VEO tripod. Uniquely designed for travel, VEO is super lightweight and compact for easy toting around. Multiple leg angle positions enable you to position your camera on uneven surfaces.

Starts at $120

Available at



picture34.   Anti-reflective acrylic prints

Historically, the idea of transforming our favorite images into shiny, easily-scratched acrylic wall art has been cringe worthy. But Prolab Digital says their TrueLife™ acrylic is a game changer, eliminating everything we hated about acrylic printing and creating a new, cool way to display our favorite work. With proprietary coatings and blocking 99 percent of UV rays, this approach has us intrigued.

  • Anti-reflective
  • Fade-resistant
  • Ultra durable
  • Vivid colors

Starts at $40

Available at

picture45.   Water Defender Bags for tablets and phones

Get peace of mind about your phone’s safety and stay focused on the shoot at hand. These handy, waterproof bags protect your devices from the elements and enable you to still use them without actually removing them from the bags. Also, they float, too, so if your phone takes an unplanned swim, a crisis will be averted.


Available at




6.   Vanguard Havana 41BL camera backpack

We know, firsthand, that this camera bag stands out among the competition. We designed it with insight from accomplished photographers. It securely holds a DSLR body, up to two lenses, accessories and a 13-inch laptop but also doubles as an everyday backpack. It’s well-padded for comfort and intelligently cushioned so you can be certain your gear is safe.


Available at



picture57.   French Knot handmade handwarmers

Apparel and handmade goods often get lost in photographer chatter about the latest and greatest gadgets and software. How many times have you been out on a shoot and wished for something to protect your hands from the elements, without restriction? These handwarmers are created and embroidered by artisans in Nepal. Keep your hands warm and boost your creative style.


Available at

picture68.   RestoPresto multi-function mat

This is not your average blanket in a pouch. It’s super lightweight and compact but it’s durable enough for multiple uses at a shoot.

  • Durable and water repellent
  • Opens to 31” x 55”
  • Great as a barrier between sand, dirt and grass and your subjects
  • Secure as needed with its snaps, drawstrings, loops, mini stakes and carabiner (perfect for camera bag attachment)
  • Supple fabric so can be used as an extra layer when temps drop
  • Made in the USA


Available at




9.   Vanguard VEO 37 messenger camera bag

We’re proud of this one. The VEO 37 camera bag is one of the world’s bestselling camera bags for photographers who travel. It’s a lightweight, casual and discreet messenger bag that fits a DSLR with lens attached, 1-2 lenses, a flash, essential accessories, an 11-inch laptop and a VEO tripod or monopod.


Available at


What new products are you excited to try? Leave a comment and let us know.  

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