Welcome to WhyTripod.com!

Welcome to WhyTripod.com!

八月 04, 2014

Welcome to WhyTripod.com!

It seems like everyday we are flooded with images.  Phone photography has taken over the imaging world making it easy to take and share pictures of just about anything.  Phone-ies, as we like to call them, share pictures of cute cats and embarrassing moments with their family.  We love to laugh at these images, but we feel that photography can be, and should be so much more.

We developed 307.e67.myftpupload.com as a tribute to the Real photographer.   With a focus on the use of the Tripod, a necessary tool for anyone taking serious images.  We understand your passion for getting the perfect shot.  You have a burning desire to become better at your craft whether it if your hobby or your profession. We get this side of you, since we have it as well, and want to help you on your quest.

On 307.e67.myftpupload.com, we will share the work and stories of up and coming photographers.  You will learn from out guest bloggers and with tips from professional photographers.  We will share information about interesting workshops and photo tours where you can hone your craft. You will get to enjoy amazing images taken by our team of professionals.

Whytripod.com is deducted to you, the Real photographer.  We hope we can be a part of your photographic journey.  We hope you find something here to help you take incredible images.  Mostly we hope to inspire you to continue your life as a Real Photographer with a passion for life as seen inside your viewfinder.

Thank you for stopping in and we hope to hear from you.

Doug Feldner- Director of Marketing - Vanguard USA

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