三月 13, 2019

David Talley is a USA-based photographer with a focus in dark storyline visuals. "Even the darkest of moments are followed by an explosion of light."

David is an internationally recognized photographer, director, and educator operating out of Portland, OR. His work exhibits the darkest moment before an explosion of light, a story broken, but changed for the better, and the ability to transform the present problem in to a prospering future. He has been featured in publications ranging from London Independent Photography to United Colors of Benetton. David is the founder and creative director of the worldwide conceptual photography movement, Concept Collaboration.

Currently, David will be on tour for a 9-country workshop series with destinations such as Brazil, Italy, Japan, India, Vietnam, and Australia. To learn more about David's workshops, please visit www.davidtalley.io/workshops. David also regularly blogs and video-logs his daily experiences as a photographer. You can find some awesome resources on his blog and through his youtube videos.

"Although I pack a punch with gear as a Vanguard professional, I'm currently digging on the VEO travel tripod and the Vanguard Havana 41, both of which will be joining me on tour this Autumn. The VEO enables me to travel the world with a lightweight tripod for my self-portraits and heavy composites, and the Havana bag has all the compartments (and style) that I could need as I travel the world. When I'm back in the states and working in studio, I use my ABEO Pro tripod and my Quovio Bags for large-scale productions, ranging the entirety of the west coast of the U.S.A. I'm so thankful for Vanguard's amazing products!"   -David Talley