三月 09, 2019


José Ramos is a 34 year old landscape photographer from Portugal, currently living in Lisbon.

He has been published in several international photography magazines, won international photo awards, runs workshops and photo-tours in Portugal and sells fine art prints all over the world.

He started shooting twelve years ago, and his passion grew so strong that he chose to express himself and pay homage to the beauty and power of the surrounding world through his art. He is currently dividing his time between working as a photographer and a doctor (psychiatrist in a Lisbon hospital), which requires great dedication to be able to develop his skills in both areas. So far this has been possible through very strong commitment and discipline - at the expense of sleeping hours - which is only bearable when there's intense passion for both subjects.

In his photos, the act of raising awareness about Nature and the need to protect the environment is simultaneously linked, through embedded concepts and stories for each image, with existential reflections about the self and our place in the world. His website manifesto states the following: "When the aesthetic power of Nature meets a man's vision of the world, creation takes place and images become the crystallized hybrid product of this encounter. Travelling and endlessly searching for the light, the silence and the lessons of the landscape, here I present you my vision of the world as seen through my eyes and soul, hoping I can at least take you there just for a moment, to the moment which lies so intense in my memory..."