三月 11, 2019

Vaughan is one half of the travel blogging duo and the main photographer at Two weeks after getting married in 2012 he and his wife Lauren packed up their lives, sold off their belongings and stashed the rest in their parents garage and they’ve have been traveling throughout Asia ever since. Together they seek new terrain to explore, adventure in unlikely places and delicious coffee.

When he’s not behind the lens or hunting down a decent WiFi connection, he can be found beneath the ocean's surface diving for shipwrecks and sharks or surfing when there's waves to be had.

Vaughan is a self taught photographer who enjoys the challenge of not just capturing moments, but conveying them. One of his greatest desires or goals is that other people may get a glimpse into the magic of seeing of the world: all of its intricate details, peculiarities, depth and diversity. He strongly believes that everyone should take the opportunity to dive into a culture different to their own at least once in their lives.

Feel free to follow Vaughan and Lauren on their travels and perhaps you’ll get some insight and inspiration for your next adventure!